There are a lot of clothing stores and brands out there that are already famous. There is no need to mention their names here since you probably know what these branded apparels are already. The point is, it can be daunting for a startup clothing store to compete with the existing giants in the market. The current trend amongst manufacturers today, including clothing production, is they are after cheaper materials which could help in keeping the products cheaper also. However, the problem with this trend is that companies often overlook the quality of the goods that they sell to their customers. Going back to an earlier statement, it can be daunting indeed when taking into consideration the cheap clothing price a startup competes against in the market. How then does Message Factory, a new clothing brand, keep up with the competition?

    If selling cheaper goods is the trend now, there is also another popular trend and that is going organic. One might think that this only applies to food and farming, but it goes beyond that. In organics, there is greater emphasis on using materials that are ecofriendly. When you say ecofriendly, these are materials that have no adverse effects to the environment and to the users. Incorporating this concept to the clothing production industry, Message Factory aims to contribute in the conservation efforts of various government and non-government agencies. They use materials that are organic, those materials that are naturally grown and reproduced, without using any chemicals. Aside from that they also recycle materials, giving them a new look, usage, and a better esthetic value. The fabrics they use include: recycled polyester, reclaimed wool, linen, bamboo, recycle cotton, tencel, and organic cotton. These kinds of fabric are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and naturally absorbent. The wearer does not have to worry about anything that might happen to him or her when wearing the clothes.

    Wearing an eco-friendly clothing gives one a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the planet and all the other creatures in it. Ordinarily, a person does not think about anything else in purchasing things. This time though, when the times require a sense of social-responsibility from all of us, it pays to lend a hand to those who are advocating for the care of the planet earth. Whether you are an ordinary person wearing some pants, casual dresses, or some tunics, you can do something by choosing to wear clothes that are naturally safe. Visit to learn more.